Winter Lacrosse League

Outside, under the lights, fast paced, maximum touches!

- All games take place outside, under the lights at the Rink at Rassie Wicker park!
- Games only, no instructional practices will be held. Games are about 41 minutes
(i.e. 4 8-minute quarters, 2 mins between quarters, 5 min half)
- Elementary division plays Mondays, Middle School plays Tuesdays
(games are at 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm)
- Deadline to register: October 30th:
- Open to all female players in grades 3-8 who have a *US Lacrosse Membership (click HERE for a USL Membership)
- Players will register as individuals and get placed on a team (teammate requests may be made but are not guaranteed)
- Teams are responsible for their own uniform (i.e. color will be assigned, players must wear it) Team Black, White, Orange, Grey for example
- Elementary and Middle School teams are required to have a volunteer coach mostly to help make substitutions.
- All games will be officiated


Hockey Rink under the lights at Rassie Wicker Park

Elementary (3rd-5th): $60

Mondays: Nov 9, 16, 23, 30 Dec 7 - Make Up day Dec 14th

Middle School (6th-8th): $60

Tuesdays: Nov 10, 17, 24, Dec 1, 8 - Make Up day Dec 15th

Deadline to Register:  Friday, October 30th is the regular registration deadline. We will take registrants after that date but a late fee of $10 will apply

(Modifications may apply based on how many register)

AC Sandhills Lacrosse programs seek to comply with US Lacrosse rules as provided by Official Rules for Girls Youth Lacrosse

​Games will be 3 vs. 3
There will be four 8-minute quarters, 2 minutes in between and a 5 minute halftime
​Teams must have 2 attempted passes before a shot on goal may be taken (officials will help keep track)
​Game will start with a draw and after each goal the game will resume with a draw unless "Mercy Rule" is in effect
​Mercy Rule: if a team is up by 4 or more goals, the other team may elect with the ball at the center instead of doing a draw.
​If the ball goes in the crease and stays there, the official will blow the whistle. One player on the defensive team will be allowed to go in and get the ball and she can cradle or pass it out on the whistle to resume play (players may NOT enter the crease unless there is a whistle).
​Basic fouls that will be called: stick to body contact initiated by defender, pushing, check towards the body, dangerous check, covers, empty stick checks (no checking in elementary, below the shoulder only in middle school).
​Blatant Shooting Space = this rule is for SAFETY - will be called it when it is blatant and the girls are putting themselves in a dangerous position in front of a shooter.
​If a player is fouled on a scoring play after the team has completed the two required passes, she will be awarded a direct shot on goal.
Hockey Nets will be used
​The player bench areas must be located on the opposite side of the field from the spectators.
​Relatively equal playing time should be mandated in all games.

CANCELLATIONS: We will send emails AND Coach text messages should we need to cancel any sessions. You will receive an email from "AC Sandhills via StackSportsMail <>" and a text message from your assigned coach. Please be sure to read messages from these senders.