19/20 Winter Futsal League

ACS is proud to bring Futsal back for its 3rd year! Futsal is huge piece of the development puzzle for ACS players and we hope you will join us as we bring this fast-paced soccer variant to the Sandhills.

Teams will compete 5v5 (with a goalie) on the hardcourt.


We are opening full team registration as well as individual registration. This is your opportunity to play with friends or make new ones. You must have 5 players to sign up a team, 10 players max on one team.


All age groups will be Coed unless numbers allow us to split up boys & girls.


U8 - 9 AM to 10:00 AM
U10 - 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM
U12 - 11:30 PM to 2:30 PM
U15 - 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM

U10 Schedule
U12 Schedule
U15 Schedule

Winter Futsal Season Dates

Dec. 7th - 1st Game Day
Dec. 14th - 2nd Game Day
Dec. 21st- 3rd Game Day 
Jan. 11th - 4th Game Day 
Jan. 18th - 5th Game Day 
Jan. 25th - 6th Game Day


Full Schedule

Southern Middle School Gym
717 Johnson St, Aberdeen, NC 28315

What is needed?
- Indoor Shoes / Tennis shoes
(Futsal involves change of direction and quick movement, make sure to wear stable shoes)
- Shin guards​
- Water


Age Groups:
U8, U10, U12, U15, HS


The U8 age group will not have goalies, and there will be a short time of Futsal Training before each game to help players get used to playing indoors.
All Other Age groups will follow modified Futsal Rules.

Cost: $55


Advanced Future Stars - Futsal


We are excited to bring together Future Stars and Futsal! This program will introduce U6 & U7 players to the action of Futsal. During sessions players will focus on body control, agility, and coordination while incorporating the lessons of Futsal that focus on ball control, creativity, and speed.

Times & Dates
For 2014 and 2013 birth year players, we have two session times open.

Fridays at 5:30 pm at Aberdeen Elementary Gym
December 6th, 13th, & 20th / January 10th, 17th, & 24th

Saturdays at 8 am at Southern Middle School Gym
December 7th, 14th, & 21st / January 11th, 18th, & 25th



Aberdeen Elementary Gym
503 N Sandhills Blvd, Aberdeen, NC 28315

Southern Middle School Gym
717 Johnson St, Aberdeen, NC 28315


What is Futsal? 

Teams & Schedules

Winter Futsal League

U10 Teams

Evan Rodriguez
Ana Vandre
Gage Sovey
Logan Klingenschmidt
Hunter Coleman

Camila Vazquez
Benton Ratliff
Julian Espinal
Asher Coleman
Conrad Isenhart

Mason Mangum
Anthony Bowers
Sam O'Neal
Matthew Rose

Hayden Mang


Maria Gutierrez
Ava Edwards
Kenan Cottle
Dean Cottle
Wyatt Peavley

U10 Schedule

Dec. 7th
- 10:00 AM Croatia vs Argentina
               10:50 AM Portugal vs Spain


Dec. 14th - 10:00 AM Croatia vs Portugal
                 10:50 AM Argentina vs Spain


Dec. 21st -10:00 AM Portugal vs Argentina
                 10:50 AM Croatia vs Spain

Jan. 11th - 10:00 AM Portugal vs Spain
                 10:50 AM Croatia vs Argentina

Jan. 18th - 10:00 AM Argentina vs Spain
                 10:50 AM Croatia vs Portugal

Jan. 25th - 10:00 AM Croatia vs Spain
                 10:50 AM Portugal vs Argentina

U12 Teams

Valentina Baccinelli
Aleah Cox
Grace Clark
David Richeson
James Martins

Nola O'Neal
Keaden Sovey
Kate Thompson
Cooper Hansen
Aiden Johnson
Hector Adetoye

Sophia Cosmello
Adam Foley
Ollie Foley
Emerson Blakely
Avery Leach
John Key

Neila Finucane
Ethan Simpson
Zenna Murphy
Zachary Simpson
Jacob Anderson

Aubrey Tortora
Kylie DiMayo
Sophie Edwards
Benjamin Rasmussen
Carter Nisbet
Gavin McKinlay

Fierce Unicorns
Ashley Richeson
Sophia Boncutter
Lila Aldridge
Nora Kuzma
Reece Baldwin
Harper Aldridge
Grace Boll

U12 Schedule

Dec. 7th - 11:30 AM Belgium vs France
                 12:25 PM Brazil vs Uruguay
                   1:20 PM England vs Fierce Unicorns

Dec. 14th - 11:30 AM - Uruguay vs England
                   12:25 PM - Belgium vs Brazil
                     2:20 PM - Fierce Unicorns vs France

Dec. 21st - 11:30 AM - England vs France
                   12:25 PM - Fierce Unicorns vs Brazil
                     1:20 PM - Belgium vs Uruguay

Jan. 11th - 11:30 AM - Uruguay vs Fierce Unicorns
                   12:25 PM - Belgium vs England
                     1:20 PM - France vs Brazil

Jan. 18th - 11:30 AM - Belgium vs Fierce Unicorns
                   12:25 PM - Brazil vs England
                     1:20 PM - France vs Uruguay

Jan. 25th - 11:30 AM - Brazil vs Uruguay
                   12:25 PM - England vs Fierce Unicorns
                     1:20 PM - Belgium vs France

U15 Teams

Shane Stalder
Forrest Goodwin
Jon Michael Kane
Harrison McClymont
Christian Ospina
Chloe Taul
Jack Platt
Aiden Grindle
Antonio Adetoye

Grace Queen
Mia Martin
Joshua Mandell
Paul Meyer
Jovany Vazquez
Chris Phasukkan
Connan Bateman
Will Pitman
Alyssa Furie

5th Team 
Father Vincent Capodanno

Derrick Mangum Jr.
Keating Brown
Owen Brown
Elijah Holler
Tasman Brinton-Roe
Chris Eckhardt
Donnie Long
William Chopping

Diego Mendez

Michael Pandich
Sophia Kaczmarek
Addison Norgren
Cole Johnson
Vinny Quintino
Travis Doody
Makoa Alaka'i Lua
Savanna Dunahay
Timothy Conneway


6th team
Hoke United

U15 Schedule

Dec. 7th
2:30 PM - FVC Grunts - 4 vs 
Hoke United 16
3:20 PM - Colombia 4 vs Peru 7

(Added Two ACS Teams)

Dec. 14th 
1:20 PM -
FVC Grunts 9 vs Colombia 8
3:20 PM -
Hoke United 14  vs Peru 2
4:10 PM - Italy 5 vs
Netherlands 9

Dec. 21st 
2:30 PM -
Italy 8 vs Hoke United 7
3:20 PM -
Peru 4 vs FVC Grunts 1
4:10 PM -
Colombia 8 vs Netherlands 7

Jan. 11th 
2:30 PM - Italy vs Peru
3:20 PM - FVC Grunts vs Netherlands
4:10 PM - Colombia vs Hoke United

Jan. 18th 

2:30 PM - Italy vs FVC Grunts
3:20 PM - Netherlands vs Hoke United
4:10 PM - Peru vs Colombia

Jan. 25th 
2:30 PM - Hoke United vs FVC Grunts
3:20 PM - Netherlands vs Peru
4:10 PM - Italy vs Colombia


(910) 944-9042

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