Travel Soccer

Saturday, June 12th at 9:00am

New to Town?
Missed Tryouts?
Join us on June 12th!

ACS will be holding a supplemental tryout!

Boys:    2011, 2010, 2009, 2008                   and 2007 birth years
Girls:    2010 and 2011 birth years

Old Aberdeen Elementary School Field - West Chapin Road, Aberdeen


9:00am - 10:30am

If your player's birth year is not listed, or for more information,

please contact the ACS office at 910-944-9042

Players will need: 
- Water, Cleats, and Shin Guards 

- Signed Copy of NCYSA Medical Waiver

$10 Tryout Registration


Call: 910-944-9042 

or email:

2021_22 Coach

ACS Travel Soccer Program

 2014/U8 - 2003/U19

2014/U8 - 2010/U12

  • Full year commitment

  • Two seasons: Fall (August - November) and Spring (January - May) 

  • Two nights per week training

  • 8-10 league games per season

  • Winter futsal skills included (U8)

  • Goalkeeper training

  • Team Camp included in August (U8)

  • 2-3 Tournaments



  • Full year commitment

  • Two Seasons; Fall (August - November) and Spring (January - May) 

  • Three nights per week training

  • Goalkeeper training

  • 8-10 league games per season

  • 3-4 Tournaments


2007/U15 - 2003/U19 (High School)

  • One season  (NCYSA league play); Fall for Girls and Spring for Boys 

  • Two to three nights per week training

  • Goalkeeper training

  • 8-10 league games

  • 2-3 Tournaments


ACCEPTANCE FEE:  The acceptance fee is due at the time of initial acceptance and commitment to an ACS Travel Soccer team. 


CLUB FEES:  The club fee can be paid at the time of initial registration to the team, or it can be spread out during the season, following one of the payment plans below.  The club and acceptance fees cover the following costs:  coach salaries, equipment, fields, lights, office staff, operational expenses, coach education, NCYSA team, player, coach and team manager registration, including passes and insurance. referee fees and coach travel for league games.  


Club Fee Payment Options

  • Option 1:  Payment in full upon commitment.

  • Option 2:  Acceptance fee paid upon commitment and remaining balance paid in 3 equal payments by August 1st, September 1st and October 1st

  • Option 3:  (for spring season only teams);  Acceptance fee paid upon commitment and remaining balance paid in 4 equal payments by October, November, December and January.


TOURNAMENT FEES:  Tournament fees are separate from the club fees, and they cover all the costs associated with attending a tournament, including tournament registration fees and coach travel expenses. Each team will attend 2-4 tournaments a year, and the expenses will be divided equally between all the players.  Payments will be collected prior to tournament registration.  


UNIFORM KIT:  The year 2021/2022 will be year two of a two year uniform cycle with Adidas.  Uniform expenses are not included in the club fees.

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