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Travel Soccer

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AC Sandhills Classic Soccer is a dynamic of the athletic club that allows our athletes to compete at a higher level in the sport of soccer. The ACS development program allows players through age 18 to grow and compete within the sport with players equally interested in developing their game.AC Sandhills Travel


Soccer plays in multiple leagues around the state and travels region wide to compete in tournaments and showcases. Our goal is to give every AC Sandhills player the opportunity to reach his/her goals. Whether that goal is to compete at the next level or not, we want to make sure we lay out the correct path to success.


The pre-academy is designed to provide the highest quality development program for the area's most motivated and committed soccer players.

This program offers several unique benefits, including a developmentally-appropriate curriculum created and taught by licensed, professional coaches for ACS, one time a week. There will be outdoor training in the fall and spring season, with futsal offered in the winter months. This program is exclusive to our ACS recreation players with a birth year of 2011 or 2012.


The curriculum emphasizes body movements and individual ball mastery, allowing the players to become more comfortable with the ball and confident and creative with their foot skills, all while nurturing their passion and enjoyment for soccer. Activities and games will follow the AC Sandhills way. Each week of training will feature a topic that will cover all aspects that we believe will be a key to develop our players.

Our Coaches


Julio Penalillo

Director of Soccer

Head Coach: 12 G / 10 B / 03 B 
Email: julio.penalillo@acsandhills.com


Tim Gulovich

Head Coach

Head Coach: 08 Girls / 04 Boys 
Email: tim.gulovich@acsandhills.com


Soso Nii Ayie Boye

Head Coach

Head Coach: 06 Boys / 
Email: info@acsandhills.com


Liz Hunter

Head Coach

Head Coach: 11 Girls
Email: liz.hunter@acsandhills.com


Paul Sabiston

Head Coach

Head Coach: 05 Boys 


Tyler Herbst

Head Coach

Head Coach: 06/07 Girls 
Email: info@acsandhills.com