Juggling Club

Challenge Yourself!

AC Sandhills started the ACS Juggling Club as a way to get kids excited about the art and skill of juggling in soccer.

The Juggling Club is open to registered ACS players as well as any player who submits a video. Open to recreation and competitive players with respective challenges for both.

Because there are no club meetings, all practice and juggling level attempts are the sole responsibility of the players and their parents. All juggles must be consecutive and performed in front of the parents in order to count toward the player's goal. Get a friend or parent to record your attempt and submit it to AC Sandhills (info@acsandhills.com). You can also submit your attempt video on Facebook: post on the ACS Facebook page or post on your own and tag @ACSandhills . 

The purpose of the ACS Juggling Club is to encourage a fun way for our players to become more technical (fundamentally sound) while encouraging them to use their soccer ball on a more consistent basis. Juggling is a very useful tool in helping players to "own" the ball.

Juggling is the art of keeping a soccer ball up in the air. It's a way for players to become comfortable and creative with the soccer ball that transitions to field play in the following areas:

First Touch: Receiving the ball from different heights, speed and angles.

Dribbling: Becoming proficient with multiple surfaces at speed.

Running: Making timed touches with the ball on the run.

Balance: Adjusting and changing your stance to keep the ball in the air, builds players sense of balance. 

Self-Confidence: Excelling at juggling to create confidence with the ball.

BEGINNERS: (6 - 14)
ADVANCED: (25 - 44)
WHITE: (45 - 69)
BLACK: (70 - 99)
ORANGE: (100+)
BEGINNERS: (15 - 49)
ADVANCED: (100 - 249)
WHITE: (250 - 449)
BLACK: (450 - 599)
ORANGE: (600+)
Recreation Levels
Competitive Levels


Watch Now

Using the Foot:

  • Keeping the foot stretched and not giving up no matter how many times the ball falls to the ground.

  • Dropping the ball and kicking it back up with the dominant foot.

  • Trying to hit the ball up slightly when the foot makes contact with the ball.

  • If the movement is abrupt, the ball will rise too high.

  • The player should try to push it to stomach height and keep practicing until accomplishing this consistently.

Using the Thigh:

  • Lifting one knee so that it is perpendicular to the body.

  • Doing this while keeping the thigh parallel (make a flat surface). A flat surface is much easier to juggle off of than an angled surface.

  • Try to juggle with the thighs only after mastering juggling with the feet. Juggling with the thigh is a way to add versatility to juggling skills. It will also assist in keeping the ball more controlled while using other body parts.

Using the Head (U12 and up):

  • Throwing the ball above the head and then bouncing it off the forehead.

  • Angling the face up so that the ball will hit the top of the forehead.

  • Keeping the neck relaxed and bending the knees, which will help the player stay balanced while focusing on the ball above.


BENEFITS: Players who practice juggling gain more confidence on the ball while increasing their overall skill. Learning to control the body while juggling is very important, because juggling teaches the player how to make quick adjustments with all muscles.Better balance is also achieved by enabling the player to move to the sides while maintaining the required balance to shoot the ball, make better passes and beat a defender more easily -- all because the player is more comfortable with the touches on the ball.

CLUB RECOGNITION: At the end of this soccer suspension time, AC Sandhills will recognize the Juggling Club leader. In addition, age group club leaders will receive rewards (personal training certificates, T-shirts, camp gift certificates, balls, etc.)The top Jugglers will be updated throughout this time.