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Welcome to AC Sandhills

ACS Developmental Academy

Welcome to the ACS Developmental Academy

In the 2017-18 Soccer Seasons, AC Sandhills will be re-introducing the club into the NCYSA Youth Academy system for both boys and girls.

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Q. What age does a player have to be to compete within the ACS Developmental Academy?

A. All players born in 2008 and 2009 are eligible to play at the Academy level this upcoming season.

Q.  What is the Level of Play?

A. The NCYSA Youth Academy is comprised of other NCYSA affiliated clubs that all compete in the various NCYSA leagues. Most of these organizations use the Academy Level as a kick off to their senior travel teams.

Q. What is the game structure like and how much do you travel in the NCYSA Academy system?

A. The game structures are set up in a festival setting. This means multiple clubs will all convene on one location on a Saturday and play multiple (usually two) games. The average play dates throughout a season is 5 Saturdays over a 3 month span, with two Academy Showcases per season. Total games played per season is between 12-15 games, to include the 3-4 games during showcases. Also, when on the road (as some will be home games) travel distances will be with a maximum of a 2-hour radius.

Q. Will an Academy Team have to spend extra money on hotels and overnight stays in the Academy System?

A. The only instance we can say a player may have to stay over night is during the showcase. That is all dependent on the Showcase location and schedule times. Also, you are not forced by ACS to stay over night at any event or tournament. It is entirely up to you if you would like to drive to and from.

Q. What type of Training and Coaching will an Academy Player receive?

A. The NCYSA Youth Academy Program dictates that all clubs involved train in a "Pool Session". This type of training allows each player to progress without the pressure or perception of being a specific level of player (i.e. top team / 2nd team). Our coaching staff for the Academy will be led by Julio Penilillo, our Academy Director. He holds National Licenses and years of experience in the game, both playing and coaching. Along with Julio, we will have two coaches lead our Academy teams, Joe Cunningham and Sofie Flores. Both hold National F Licenses to help teach these developing players and have grown much love for the sport and the athletes aspiring to play.

Q. What is the cost of playing in the ACS Development Academy?

A, The ACS Developmental Academy will be $750.00 for the year. (Two season (Fall and Spring) Commitment). In addition, every two years AC Sandhills Travel Players purchase new travel kits. The average cost of these jerseys, shorts, socks, and training tops is around $200.00. Again, this uniform cost is every two years, so once purchased this year, your player will use the same kit next year at no additional cost. Note: After this year, however, players will need to get a new uniform since this is the last year in the 2-year cycle in which the uniforms are good for. Making the ACS Development Academy one of the most affordable programs in the state, that is guaranteed games at a great level, with less travel requirements, and highly qualified coaching.

For More Information on the ACS Developmental Academy, please contact Julio Penalillo or call the office:
(910) 944-9042