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Welcome to AC Sandhills

AC Sandhills Developmental Structure

AC Sandhills
2017-18 Developmental Structure

Welcome to AC Sandhills

In 2016-17, ACS will be revamping our developmental and travel program to better fit the needs of our players. Over the past year, we have begun the process of building our youth. Our focus through our newest member of our staff, Julio Penalillo, on the up and coming players and future stars has made a huge difference in our vision of the future of the club. Also, through the dedication of our coaching staff at the upper ages, we are just finishing up another successful year of travel soccer.

In 2016-17, we will also have a new presence on our uniform. Sandhill Turf will be worn by all of our travel players, 9-18 years of age. We are excited to have them on board for the next two years!

Lastly, in this upcoming year, we will be revamping our 9-10 year old player offering and bringing back the days of old. In the 2016-17 seasons we will be entering the 9-10 year old players in the NCYSA Academy. This gives our players the opportunity to play travel ball, at half the cost, and with less travel throughout the year. Offering guaranteed matches, and an end of year showcase, this new addition will allow players to experience travel soccer at a younger age, without the full expense of our older age groups.

Below is a glimpse into our new travel and development structure:

Developmental Levels:

5-6 year old Recreational Soccer:
Each Saturday for 8 weeks running parallel to our normal recreational soccer season, players will experience master training by our Youth Development Director and staff.

They will work on the fundamentals of the game through technical training focusing on movement, surface training, and small sided games.

Three different sessions are offered each Saturday to help allow us to create smaller groups and increase focus on your player.

Click here for pricing and registration which is now open for the Fall of 2016.
6 year old Future Stars Training Academy:
One of our new additions to our development programming, the Future Stars Training Program is intended for players seeking to start their progression to higher learning and levels of the game.

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7-8-9 year old Technical Training Program
This program is intended for players that are not yet able, due to age or commitment, to still receive extra training while playing in our normal recreational leagues.

Held each Friday Night, the Technical Training Program allows players to get the extra touches and coaching by our travel staff and directors without the burden of travel soccer.

Throughout  the Recreational Soccer season, players will still be able to enjoy their normal recreational practices and games during the week and on Saturdays, but receive the attention they desire in an extra weekly training session.

Click here for a brief overview of this springs Technical Clinics...

9-10 Year Old ACS Development Academy

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11-18 Travel Soccer Program

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